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Markers Laid… Markers Met… Markers Exceeded…

30 Jul

What has been attained upon Gaia-Eriu, from current Galactic perspectives, is quite expected, at the same time, remarkable in its rapidity and intensity.

All markers set thousands of years ago have been met and exceeded. Commendations to Light Bearers worldwide.

Sensitivities of all are heightened at these times as all are needed in their own ways. Each must attune, or become disoriented. Not all will be allowed to follow.

We see that mountains becoming smaller and humanity becoming grander in consciousness to handle all that is presented to the Gaia community as a whole.

Fear not… the Higher You is with you.

Separation Proceeds at the Accelerated Pace

28 Jul

As alignments require, separations of inner invisible and outer visible forms occur. Choices that are made from the Hue-person view, manifest rapidly as needed by Gaia Galactic Transmutation Council.

Those with Hue-person view see duality conflicts, without participation of any type. Instant separation occurs.

Those attempting to continue the duality “conflict before harmony” attitude, find they possess “faces without eyes”. Vision of “duality first” individuals is being closed until planetary awakening sufficient to support their awakening as a group.

Following Higher Guidance in all matters leads to a smooth path.

Temporary Locks on all Grid Points is Now in Effect

25 Jul

Flow of Celestial Incoming Energies is currently requiring a locking (more accurately a strong restriction in movement) of grid intersect points in the Containment Dome around Planet Gaia-Eriu.

Restrictions are to be removed when consciousness resolutions among Light Groups are finished. No time frame is being set for this, however the week of July 27 is the finish.

Restrictions enable completion of Gaia Eriu karmic patterns without outside influence of Higher Energetic input.

Gaia Containment Dome Enables Alignments to Proceed…

23 Jul

Energetic containment dome, yet in the flexible 4-grid conformation, has been successful in reflecting energies back to senders. Dark thoughts and emotions begets destructive energies in the sender and all related institutions.

Houses of cards fall rapidly.

Flexible 4-grid channels Higher D energies into alignment with Light Workers intent.

Houses of Light rise and are seen by all.

CrossLinking of Square Grids over Select Regions Allows Appropriate Containment of Explosive Energies…

19 Jul

Square grids over North America, Great Britain, Australia, are temporarily cross linked to contain potentially explosive burst energies coming from those regions.

Essentially this is a re-gridification of the previous square grid which was too flexible for next steps. This is a rigid-izing of necessity, since potential explosion points in those regions have been detected, pinpointed, and now neutralized, with assistance of the newly rigid-ized grid.

This will, at the appropriate time, be reconfigured to a 5-grid, or pentagonal grid, appearing visually similar to the World sport, football, pattern.

We ask each who reads this and understands, to stay attuned to your Higher Station for moment by moment instructions to assist as needed.

We thank you for your attunement, and assistance, in this matter.

Effervescent Crystal Particulates Envelope Each Shadow Heart…

18 Jul

The process of dissolving dark shadows among hearts of all clients of the dark is now proceeding with full participation of Light Forces. The crystal forms that enter the dark hearts begin to effervesce upon entering at the 5-6-7th dimensional portal, followed by descent into 4D, then 3D.

A burning sensation may be sensed in those affected. This includes those agreed to be working with Light Forces as well as those who have agreed to continue assisting the dark. All shadows will be eliminated by the ebullient crystal bubbles that result from the transformation of shadow into Light.

There is no stopping this in any being as they enter via the Grand Vortexes and Stargates of Gaia, from within, just as the crystals enter from within (5-6-7 D) to without (4 to 3 D).

Allowing this process refreshes. Inhibiting this process causes Heart Burn sensation. We suggest the former.

Thank you.

Forward Movement Comes Quickly…

15 Jul

Turbulence has been averted by resonant hearts attuned to Ascension. We see a rapid forward movement from this point onward.

Varied appearances belie the underlying harmony of vision, intent, and action. Seeming dis-harmony among Light groups and/or individuals is simply that… “seeming.” As each follows their Inner Guide, each harmonizes with the One.

The One is striding forward, into the Higher Light. Into the Higher Realms. Into the Higher Gaia.

We are grateful to all of you.

Insight and Inspiration Enter as Insinuations are Released…

13 Jul

Incoming Galactic Core transmissions reach Sol core then Gaia core with supreme intensity. Light Harmonizing Beings are empowered at this moment. Insinuations and accusations about Light Harmonizing Beings do not affect them. As they now rise quickly, like the cream, to the top.

Those with the closed “insinuationist” minds are dropped from all Gaia ascension activity, entering safe-houses, into safe-closets. These will be dealt with after Ascension, when they are de-closeted. They know not of these events, but those with Higher In-Sight do. Clearly.

High Insight and High Inspiration for next steps comes quickly for those that have released all low mindsets. Intuitive Telepathic Communication is Key to moving forward, upward.

Galactic Planet Craft now approach Gaia to proceed with final steps.

Emancipation Protocols Initiated…

10 Jul

Hue-manity collective has stepped through 7-7 Portal to freedom and this cannot be reversed. Those seeking the same, are rewarded. Those envisioning same, without specific conditions attached, are rewarded.

We are the Guardians of Hue-manity. And of the birth right of each individual Hue-unit to spring forth from old paradigm to new.

We come as One, to be One.

The One is for All. The All is for One.

Welcome to our World.

Evaluations Complete. Channels Selected.

9 Jul

Evaluations Complete. Channels Selected. Preparations for next phase have been completed. Awaiting signal to proceed.

Evaluations of All Light Channels in Progress

8 Jul

Transmission properties at time domain intersections being analyzed.

Central Stargate-Portal of Light Has Formed and Stabilized…

7 Jul

This Stargate-Portal is named such as it connects Galactic Center to Sol center to Gaia center. Direct connection of these energy centers enables direct communication of each, for each, as well as direction communication of Galactic Sol with Hue-man Soul. For those that receive this direct communication, those shall be beams of Light for all within their locales. No effort is needed and none is requested. Only receptivity at Higher Levels.

The close-minded of all types are being removed to their next house of containment. The close minded are no longer permitted to distribute lower energies to Hue-manity. The Central Stargate Portal has sealed the fate of those limited ones, and they shall be repaired elsewhere.

The Central Stargate Portal may be called on by all those with open minds and hearts and desire to attune with, assist, and ascend with Gaia. All requests with such alignment are honored, and manifest as needed for each individual, group, and planetary body.

We thank those who have continued on in the face of what has been termed “delays”. None of those exist in truth. Timing is in perfection, and Central Stargate Portal assures all Light from Cosmic Central supports ascension.

Flowers of Rainbow Light Become Visible to All

3 Jul

Spray from the Higher Fountains of Gaia leap forth from within her bosom, as Hue-man Kind awakens to the “Kinder” (German, “children”) within. Oppressive parentals removed, yea, released by each. Even only one per hundred has been enough to allow Illumination of All, with All, for All.

Galactic Sun, to Sol, to Gaia, to Hue-man, Hue-woman Kind.

Love your “Kinder”.

Many Portals Opening in Individual Hearts…

1 Jul

Crystal snows have warmed those in the cold for eons. Portals, gateways, for Higher Love flow have opened in those hiding behind dark shelters. Observant eyes see the change. Clear Light eyes know the change.

The true Light Worker is unveiled.

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