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Flurries of Higher Dimensionals cover the dry grounds

27 May

Flurries of Higher Dimensionals cover the dry grounds.

Expectations of the Nova Vernal are found.

Prominents are undercut for the new soils.

Stellars recognize their time.

Stampedes of Hue-forces greet the commoner

21 May

Stampedes of Hue-forces greet the commoner.

Awakenings rapidify.

Storms are brief, and cleanse the remnants.

Illuminations come.

Premonitions are given to the hu-masses of New Beginnings

16 May

Premonitions are given to the hu-masses of New Beginnings.

Hopefuls transpire.

Blessing carriers compress the timelines.

Moments of perceptions are embraced, and released.

Peace is accepted.

Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require

11 May

Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require.

Fornications are cleared, as White Knights rejoice.

Marshalled are the troops of the Higher Dimensions.

Flessives advance to the greener pastures.

Restitutions are granted in full.

Red flowers unfold and Illuminate the hu-masses

5 May

Red flowers unfold and Illuminate the hu-masses.

Hue-Beings assemble to share the bounty.

Preferences are no more.

Directives are heard and obeyed.

Planetary Uplift comes.

Selenium additives are exposed for all to see

30 Apr

Selenium additives are exposed for all to see.

Energetics from on High are illuminated and embraced.

Forgivings are offered and accepted.

Manuals are released.

Forbearance is required.

Plenary submissions are in order

26 Apr

Plenary submissions are in order.

Farbenheits have entered.

Melanomas are dissolved.

Star BEings unfold.

Sacreds are recognized and cherished

21 Apr

Sacreds are recognized and cherished.

Higher alignments are received.

Foundations of Inner Light come to the fore, as students are ready.

Masters arise.

Elevants of the Light communities teach the hungry

12 Apr

Elevants of the Light communities teach the hungry.

Star Lighters come from the shadows.

Astras are conveyed and accepted, in full.

Flight paths are recognized.

Massive formations Illuminate the Heavens.

Treasons exposed, closings follow

7 Apr

Treasons exposed, closings follow.

Knights of Illumination ride for the masses.

Upliftments are communicated and experienced on all levels.

Harbingers speak clearly, and remove the doubts.

Haverlots coalesce and concentrate assets for humanity

2 Apr

Haverlots coalesce and concentrate assets for humanity.

Sparrows fly in symbolics through the darkened landscape.

Elements of Light arise nonetheless, in the hope-losts.

Weather changes for the drenched.

Genesis of the Galactic human accelerates

28 Mar

Genesis of the Galactic human accelerates.

Stellars are incorporated into all Hue-creations.

Asterelles add to the Galactic constructs.

Forested arenas are cleared of invasives

24 Mar

Forested arenas are cleared of invasives.

Care for hu-beings is paramount.

Hardenings are cracked.

Galactics approach.

Cosmic awareness expands.

Velocipedal Pathways are Elevated for all

21 Mar

Velocipedal Pathways are Elevated for all.

Calibrations are recognized.

Horizons are approached, as velocities increase.

Celebrations are in store.

Patriarchals balance with the Cosmic Feminine

18 Mar

Patriarchals balance with the Cosmic Feminine.

Self-indulgents dissolve rapidly.

Communities of Light assemble for Higher Purpose.

Federations come together.

Light establishments are expanded

14 Mar

Light establishments are expanded.

Elevations are increased.

Essentials are grasped.

Fairgrounds are removed.

Completion of primaries occurs in the moment.

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question

6 Mar

gaia_energy1External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.

Foresights are accepted, yet claims are delayed.

Promissory stances clear from those of lower mindsets.

Handicaps are removed.

Peace tomes are read.

Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings

1 Mar

gaia_energy1Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings.

Flashes of constructives illuminate the closed minds.

Freedoms of marches toward the Light are recognized.

Portions are increased.

Preliminary constructs become clear, and are manifested in fullness

25 Feb

gaia_energy1Preliminary constructs become clear, and are manifested in fullness.

Heavens of the masses are unveiled for the nothingness they are.

Portals of Levitations come to all who request.

Mortification paradigms are recognized, and dissolve.

Time shares are granted.

Fruits of “success” are unveiled for the illusion they are

19 Feb

gaia_energy1Fruits of “success” are unveiled for the illusion they are.

Sportives are enabled for each Hue-Being.

Collections of Light tools are presented.

Gaia complies with all who request.

Stereotypes are done

14 Feb

gaia_energy1Stereotypes are done.

Cantations reflect the inner Gaia.

Reflections of the Light are guaranteed.

Fleshes are removed.

Celebrations occur within the Hue-Being.

First steps of the New Gaia creation are taken

1 Feb

gaia_energy1First steps of the New Gaia creation are taken.

Moon seekers are disappointed.

hu-beings recognize Sol as the leader of all.

Fares of compliance to the High Energetics are increased.

Streamliners command the planetary roadways

29 Jan

gaia_energy1Streamliners command the planetary roadways.

Keleg-miners create the paths.

Fires of celebration inspire the masses.

Heavens are opened to the common beings.

Harmonics amplify in Presence of all with ears of Higher Perception

27 Jan

gaia_energy1Harmonics amplify in Presence of all with ears of Higher Perception.

Stepwise introductions present as needed.

Stereotypes are ignored and dissolve with rapidity.

Clearances are given to the Higher Mind Hue-Beings.

Stars rise from the depths.

Portals of determination clarify to all

21 Jan

gaia_energy1Portals of determination clarify to all.

Inner Visions guide the Heralds.

Deft parables are released.

The blind lead the blind, as the cliff approaches.

Eyes that see, share their views.

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