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Dictations of Spirit within each and every Hue-Being are heard

25 Apr

gaia_energy1Dictations of Spirit within each and every Hue-Being are heard.

Fallacies removed, sordids are cleansed.

Progressions continue as Higher Consciousness is recognized.

Release comes… now.

Processes of alluvial alignments call forth the embattled

23 Apr

gaia_energy1Processes of alluvial alignments call forth the embattled.

Stalwarts in Light bearings continue the forward movement.

Hamlerites continue.

Crystalline features are strangthened in all.

Fenestrations continue in hu-manity globes

20 Apr

gaia_energy1Fenestrations continue in hu-manity globes.

Moderation of continuities persist.

Flights of collective energetics lifts the masses.

Striations of alignments empower all.

Upward intentions are realized

17 Apr

gaia_energy1Salvage operations have completed.

Selections are made, and levels assigned.

Gaia’s choices are clear to all with ears to hear.

Falterings are left behind.

Upward intentions are realized.

Harbingers of planetary change are recognized

13 Apr

gaia_energy1Harbingers of planetary change are recognized.

Electives are sought, and selected.

Frequencis of Hue-Being mastery complete their functions.

Full motion forward.

Mysteries of Light movements clarify

9 Apr

gaia_energy1Mysteries of Light movements clarify.

Purposes of energetic transformations are viewed and embraced.

Frenetics calm.

Harmonics are realized.

Hue-Beings couple.

Fortification of Light Carriers continues, at quickened pace

6 Apr

gaia_energy1Sterilizers of anarchical units inject into hu-being dark consciousness levels.

Fortification of Light Carriers continues, at quickened pace.

Egoic hormonals are harnessed for the benefit of all Gaia.

Stereotypics are overridden.

Illusions of form continue to present, for dissolution

3 Apr

gaia_energy1Illusions of form continue to present, for dissolution.

Rapid scrubbing is noted.

Softenings of the vibrational journey are experienced.

Gaia speaks to all.

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