Insight and Inspiration Enter as Insinuations are Released…

13 Jul

Incoming Galactic Core transmissions reach Sol core then Gaia core with supreme intensity. Light Harmonizing Beings are empowered at this moment. Insinuations and accusations about Light Harmonizing Beings do not affect them. As they now rise quickly, like the cream, to the top.

Those with the closed “insinuationist” minds are dropped from all Gaia ascension activity, entering safe-houses, into safe-closets. These will be dealt with after Ascension, when they are de-closeted. They know not of these events, but those with Higher In-Sight do. Clearly.

High Insight and High Inspiration for next steps comes quickly for those that have released all low mindsets. Intuitive Telepathic Communication is Key to moving forward, upward.

Galactic Planet Craft now approach Gaia to proceed with final steps.

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