Effervescent Crystal Particulates Envelope Each Shadow Heart…

18 Jul

The process of dissolving dark shadows among hearts of all clients of the dark is now proceeding with full participation of Light Forces. The crystal forms that enter the dark hearts begin to effervesce upon entering at the 5-6-7th dimensional portal, followed by descent into 4D, then 3D.

A burning sensation may be sensed in those affected. This includes those agreed to be working with Light Forces as well as those who have agreed to continue assisting the dark. All shadows will be eliminated by the ebullient crystal bubbles that result from the transformation of shadow into Light.

There is no stopping this in any being as they enter via the Grand Vortexes and Stargates of Gaia, from within, just as the crystals enter from within (5-6-7 D) to without (4 to 3 D).

Allowing this process refreshes. Inhibiting this process causes Heart Burn sensation. We suggest the former.

Thank you.

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