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Stellar Connects are accelerated

26 Jul

Stellar Connects are accelerated.

Serenities of the Higher Light experienced in full.

Higher Guideds lead the way.

Flowers of Lights come forth.

Streets of Gold are unveiled

21 Jul

Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.

Separations are resolved.

Banners of Illumination are raised.

Streets of Gold are unveiled.

Elements of Higher Light encase the solitaries

13 Jul

Elements of Higher Light encase the solitaries.

Flashes of intensity are felt by all.

Strassburg excellence comes to the fore.

Fortifications are released.

Halloweds are received.

Rains of Higher Nova Gaia are released

7 Jul

Rains of Higher Nova Gaia are released.

Elements of Light are imbued with each.

Secrets are exposed and washed away.

Natal embeds of Higher D are released.

Nova Gaia telomers connect the Light-guideds

2 Jul

Nova Gaia telomers connect the Light-guideds.

Franciscans are replaced.

Status markers are removed from all upward-boundeds.

Primaries are recognized and followed.

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