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10-1-12…Corner is Turned…Enjoy this Ride

30 Sep

10-1-12 corner is turned. Intentions held in alignment with 5D Gaia portals and connecting grids will not be delayed. And appear in the moment of held intention.

We ask care in aligning Higher Individual Hue-man Self with New Paradigm Gaia pattern of unfoldment.

The 10-1 portends massive transformation for Gaia and Children. Both of the internal and apparent external. Such rests upon combined intentions of all.

Grids are energized sufficiently in Higher D aspects for such transformations to begin.

Enjoy this ride.

Star Assignments are In Place…

29 Sep

Star assignments for next steps are in place. Tactical positions for Light Beings have been outlined and those receptive are in full alignment. Awaiting further instructions.

Star Code 48693

The Fireworks are now Beginning…

28 Sep

Grid point sparking occurs as alignments finalize in preparation for next stage of Ascension process. Energy upgrade for the Gaia Entity is required for final period leading to the 12-21-12 Grand Window.

Scientifics in the 3D-4D are occurring so as to prove concepts of Higher Levels. More to be unveiled increasingly as day passes night.

Many are called. And many answer that call. Unlike prior sylloquisms.

Messages from Gaia have overridden Cosmic ones. This may seem odd to some, but Gaia is the primary focus of the Cosmos at this time. We see all is proceeding smoothly, and do not anticipate any more stops in progress through the 12-21-12.

The Fireworks are now Beginning… And they are Real…

Stargate Gaia has become “Star Gaia”

25 Sep

We are Seeing Beings of Great Stature… Tall, standing in strength, hands together, on a Grand Sphere of Light.

We have not seen this until this moment. We are seeing it now.

The Sphere is Gaia. The Beings of Great Stature are Awakened Hue-manity.

Illuminescence of Gaia has tripled since the 9-9 Portal. We speak of the Inner Illuminescence, which many may also have awareness of in the so-called outer.

“Gaia” became “Stargate Gaia” as of the 9-9. As of this moment, “Stargate Gaia” has become “Star Gaia”.

Fullness of Illuminescence will be attained within a short period, dependent upon the rate of Higher Consciouness development of the humanity collective.

Fullness of Illuminescence is assured at this time in Gaia’s Ascension process.

Gaia Request: “Be in Joy on the Ride”

23 Sep

Solitary adjustments, in one by one fashion concurrent among all Hue-beings, stand out at this current moment. All sense these adjustments. Although awareness of such may follow later.

Intrusions for purpose of clearing come rapidly at this time and each requires simple non-resistance and release.

Gaia global planetary adjustments are on hold until individuals’ clearances are processed.

Gaia alignments near completion yet continue for short period of Gaia 3D time during post-equinox to assist during tipover processing.

Downhill begins now.

Gaia request: Be in Joy on the Ride. Adjust as necessary.

Gaia Energy Conduit Clarification has Accelerated…

21 Sep

The process of clarifying Gaia energy conduits has been accelerated to enable rapid dissolution of anharmonics introduced during recent portal activations. Acceleration will continue through the 10-10 gateway.

Those affected by this acceleration will sense a rapid withdrawal from standard activities. Such are not aligned with the Higher D energies currently processing throughout Gaia.

Alignments with Higher aspects of Source continue as planned.

Gaia conduits are being cleared and clarified in preparation for the rapid release of 3D-4D lower aligned energies

20 Sep

Gaia has called. Hue-manity answers.

Release points designated for the 2012 period remaining have been identified and energetic healing teams contacted.

Messages were received by all Gaia Ground level operatives on these teams.

Gaia conduits are being cleared and clarified in preparation for the rapid release of 3D-4D lower aligned energies to occur after 9-22-12. Stargate Gaia transmits all such lower energies to Galactic Sol.

New Gaia energetic grids appear as connected golden pyramids that channel and intensify 5D-7D Cosmic Sol energies and reflect back only those to Gaia Inner. All lower energies are released via this grid, through Gaia Stargate, to Galactic Sol.

Release Points are at Hand…

17 Sep

Gaia has called upon all Earth-Ground Hue-mans to initiate release of all old-paradigm planetary grid points. This call has been heard and is to be initiated and manifested within the period of 9-16 to 9-22. The 9-22 Equinox balance fulcrum point is a critical date for speeding the release of all former paradigm structures.

The tipping over into a full release mode occurs on the 9-22.

Rapid release of these points requires concomitant raising of Hue-man consciousness, to rise above 3D-4D results of this release.

“Sky is falling” scenarios may be attempted by some groups after the 9-22, however, general human consciousness has raised sufficiently to expose and defuse all such attempts.

Gaia is now a Planetary Stargate, and will remain so until her final birth as a Galactic Star Citizen.

Éire-Gizeh Connection and Stargate Creation Complete…

13 Sep

Full portal opening in Éire and expansion of existing Éire Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.

Full portal opening in Gizeh and expansion of existing Gizeh Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.

Connection of Éire Stargate and Gizeh Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.

Mirror Stargates in Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Texas (US), have connected with these via 5D-7D conduits.

Gaia Planetary Stargate has now been activated.

Explosions of Heart Light have been released

10 Sep

Explosions of Heart Light have just been released. Gaia had awaited this moment until grid alignments were in perfection. These are planet wide and cannot be resisted or neutralized.

Portal precisions have been achieved and all current Higher D portals required for up-step to 5D and beyond are in place.

Expansion is empowered.

Heart expansion of all is occurring, regardless of current Heart level.

Gaia may now be returned to Full Glory of Light and beyond.

Preparations for Gaia planetary ascension activation of world wide portals is complete

7 Sep

Preparations for Gaia planetary ascension activation of world wide portals is complete. Precise timings of activations via Gaia ground personnel will be followed. As each feels drawn, follow.

Individual awakenings to Higher Levels commences in full as of the 9-11.

Gaia current grid structure transforms to allow penetrating of individual and group consciousness, and can not be rejected at this period of time compression.

Those who arise in consciousness will blossom. Those who resist, will split and be reunited at a later time.

Rest with this Gaia Wind of Change.

Cosmic Alignments Proceed in Harmony with Gaia Illumination…

5 Sep

Final Cosmic alignments in preparation for the 9-6 to 9-12 window near completion. Simultaneous Inner Lighting of Gaia is occurring, with concomitant upsurge in Portal activations.

Planetary (within Solar System) arrangements support Gaia-ic Illumination during this phase.

There is no returning to former energetic patterns as they are non-supported. Such grids have dissolved.

Gaia based Hue-mans aligned to Cosmic communications flourish during this time as such communications clarify.

Light Input from Higher Realms Expands During 9-6 to 9-12 Window…

4 Sep

Dissolved patterns may briefly arise in consciousness as Light input from Higher Realms expands during the 9-6 to 9-12 window. These patterns become visible only in thought at lower levels and will dissipate after the 9-12.

This applies to individual and planetary thought patterns.

Higher Dimensional Light grids have stabilized and are now allowing beams from the Inner Light Gaia to flow outward to the so-called surface of the planet. Previously “released” dark shadow concepts are illuminated, and thus appear, then dis-appear, in consciousness thought only.

Reaction and response to the appearance of these former patterns are not desired. Only observation, and non-attachment.

Current Higher Gaia Grid structure supports this final pattern unveiling and dissolving. Many patterns of old paradigms will be exposed, and dissolved.

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