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Strength of Inner Spirit connections are currently under test

28 Sep

Strength of Inner Spirit connections are currently under test.

Eliminations of tenuous connects are accelerated.

Farsights are recognized for assists to Hue-manity.

Finalizers are called forth.

Archangels watch over the process.

Golden yellow markers are recognized

23 Sep

Golden yellow markers are recognized.

The Sun comes forth from behind the clouds.

The Gaia planetary awakens.

Starlight brilliance is viewed.

Predilections are dissolved

18 Sep

Predilections are dissolved.

Truth of BEingness replaces.

Humanity expands, as hu-manity fades.

Garrisons of Light come to the forefront.

Archangelics rejoice.

Fields of stone are harvested

10 Sep

Fields of stone are harvested.

Crops of Light replace.

Centers of Higher Guidance are assembled.

Firmaments are viewed.

Inspiration comes.

Seeds of Higher Influence are sown

5 Sep

Seeds of Higher Influence are sown.

Emancipators of many vibrations collect the honeys from the Flowers.

Flashes of Rainbow Light are viewed.

Petals of Hue-Manity mark the Higher Path.

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