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Freedom channels are recognized

30 Apr

Westward winds are carried on the morning.

Crags are hammered and removed.

Narrows of Light are followed.

Freedom channels are recognized.

Harmonious outcomes arise from the chaotics

23 Apr

Harmonious outcomes arise from the chaotics.

Evolutions are reasoned.

Standards of the past are released.

Flights of Hue-manity are realized.

Deserets are encompassed

20 Apr

Deserets are encompassed.

Florets are embraced.

Light touches are enabled.

The Children of Light are rescued.

Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads

14 Apr

Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads.

Dissolutions create their vortices.

Navigators with skills enroute their vessels.

Fortunates are boarded upon the ships.

DeLightfuls come.

Sentients embrace the multi-level operations

4 Apr

Sentients embrace the multi-level operations.

Starseeds commence the Higher Works.

Flowers of Planetary abundance begin their blossoms.

Foundations of the New Gaia are built.

Formidables are no more

1 Apr

Formidables are no more.

Heaven sent messages are received in Joy.

Surrender to the old and reception of the New occurs in simultaneity.

Florescents are sown.

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