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Crystal Energy Snowfall Begins

29 Jun

Warming crystal snows follow pattern of Golden Age grids. These snows dissolve anharmonic resonances in all Crystal Children entering at this time. Lightworker fatigue duly noted. Crystal snows form protective energetic cocoon for all Lightworkers. Healings commence now.

Seed the Intention… Harvest Comes Quickly…

24 Jun

Seeds sown with care from Higher Ground, Higher Mind plus Heart, bring forth rapid harvest. Energetics and energetic structures support only that which harmonizes with Higher Planetary Visions.

Full Galactic support for such is now assured.

Portending doomsdayers have written their own end. Not the end of “the world”. Rather, the end of their own place in it.

Massive Transformation is at Hand…

21 Jun

The energetics of this time is now optimized for massive transformation. Those enabled in all dimensional domains will ride smoothly through this period. Be prepared to fly when you step out the door of your house into thin air. Enjoy this ride, Pegasus…

Stargazers, Prepare for the Changes…

19 Jun

Coded message to Upliftment Brigade:

The Oranges are ready. Grown with the Koa, they may now be picked. The Browns are to be removed. the Grannys are empowered. Feast upon the Bounty of this Harvest.

Looking always forward. Never to look back.


Stargazers, Implement Step Two…

18 Jun

Be in step with incoming energies. Implement Star Walking phase.

Stargazers, Implement Step One

15 Jun

Stargazers, Implement Step One.

Finalization of Golden Age Grids

15 Jun

Finalization of Golden Age grids is accomplished. Further adjustments are no longer necessary. Amplification and Illumination of all of Gaia portals will continue. We thank all who participated in this process.

To All Light Beings…”Stand by Your Grid Point”

14 Jun

Light assistance is currently needed for each and all of Gaia’s newer Higher Grid points at this time. These are the grid points which were recently aligning more precisely (reported in this post) to accommodate the Golden Age grids.

The current fluid situation upon the planet surface calls for Gaia-Hue-Person, in-person, conscious support for these newly aligned grid points. Each knows their role in this, and each will understand their participation.

Gaia-Ériu herself has called for this support.

Thank you for this assistance.

Markers are in Place…

11 Jun

Archangelic messengers have emplaced markers in consciousness of Hue-manity as a mass consciousness. These markers are guide points in consciousness which will allow those whose minds have released sufficiently all ego patterns/grids, to know they are “on the correct path.”

These markers also allow us to evaluate and measure the progress of Rainbow Hue-manity as it proceeds to goal point of Ascension.

Those who wish awareness of this have received it.

Mayan Elders are Embracing Unfolding Lotus of Humanity

7 Jun

The Mayan Elders currently incarnated upon Gaia, have embraced the unfolding Lotus Humanity essence and have now been commissioned to hold this essence in their collective hands as the Lotus unfolds.

All energetic restrictions at all levels have been lifted for the unfoldment of the Lotus Humanity Essence. Mayan Crystal Skull reunion across the North America earlier planted the seeds for this current phase.

100th monkey of this Lotus Humanity Essence was reached on the 6-6-12.

Awaiting now the embracing of this Lotus Humanity Essence by the mass of humanity.

Look to the Monkey Dragon.

Lotus Unfoldment Begins…

5 Jun

Divine (namely, upper 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D) cosmic energies influx is now occurring with concomitant (concurrent) harmonizing with unfolding of the Rainbow Human of balanced masculine-feminine.

The 6-5-12 Venus Love Sun transit portrays precisely the vision of the Golden Age Grid. Divine Mother influx achieves maximum levels during the 6-6-12 portal 24-hour period (based on local times worldwide).

All Gaia based beings will experience some strong individual inner adjustments along with major energetic restructurings of personal grids (frameworks).

All 3D-only based corporate holdings will dissolve shortly as Higher Light Venus Love energies adhere to the new Golden Age Grid, and manifest accordingly.

Lotus Mission Completed…

3 Jun

Opening of the Lotus energetic profiles for Gaia has been completed. Free flow of Sacred energies is now enabled. All in preparation for the 6-5, 6-6-12 events.

The 6-5-12 and 6-6-12… “Harmonization with Goddess Energy forms throughout the Earth Gaia planet is encouraged, and requested”

2 Jun

The Higher Grids spoken of in prior posts will support only the New Paradigms of Unity and Holiness (Wholeness, Consciousness of Oneness with All) and, as mentioned, will not allow lower vibrational concepts and paradigms to exist alongside. This is Universal in application.

Stargates and Earth Portals aligned with these Higher Grids are opening to receive the High Goddess-Love Energy influx during the 6-5-12 Venus transit date. This precedes the 6-6-12 portal by a single 24 hour (6+6+12) period.

Some form of conscious participation in these events by those led to this will accelerate the increase of Hue-man consciousness and awakening exponentially. Participation is encouraged, and requested.

Harmonization with Goddess Energy forms throughout the Earth Gaia planet is encouraged, and requested.

Precise Alignings of New Grids Continues as the Old Ones Fall…

1 Jun

Previous post, “The “GO” Signal Has Been Given”, stated

“We say that the alignment of all grids required for the advancement process to begin (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, in particular), took place on the 5-27-12, and have now stabilized enough to support the coming advancement.”

Higher grids are coming into more precise alignment as they are calibrated with the unfolding now moment 3D events, which are unpredictable in their details.

Older paradigms shifting away and dissolving into nothingness. We say again, all those attempting to align with and “live according to” old paradigms will fall away from the New Earth.

Gaia-Ériu herself requires an awareness of and alignment with Higher Dimensional grids, paradigms.

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