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Ego-centrics balloon into visibility

31 Dec

gaia_energy1Ego-centrics balloon into visibility.

Recognitions are complete and thorough.

Generations are cycled and spiral into the Light of Truth.

Galactics prevail in the New Era.

Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound

28 Dec

gaia_energy1Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound.

Night shades are raised.

Decisions commence leading into the forward areas.

Light swords are raised upright as the parties connect.

Stretchings begin as Essence Awareness expands

24 Dec

gaia_energy1Stretchings begin as Essence Awareness expands.

Nasturtium communities come to the forefront.

Lilies are carried for the fallen.

Star Lights are recognized in full.

Butterfly Essence comes to the fore

21 Dec

gaia_energy1Butterfly Essence comes to the fore.

Static paradigms abandoned and released.

Surrogates are charged.

Flasks of compliance are stirred.

Mastrichts are moved to the Light.

Predictives are relinquished

18 Dec

gaia_energy1Predictives are relinquished.

Stillness is engaged in the storm cycle.

Flashes of brilliance are multiplied.

Forward movements accelerate.

Elements of Rainbows harmonize

14 Dec

gaia_energy1Elements of Rainbows harmonize.

Standards of Light are followed.

Masters of Inner Works are called to the fore.

Sparrows of indigenous ones are heard, and followed.

Energetic Inner temperatures are rising to meet the New Gaia

10 Dec

gaia_energy1Energetic Inner temperatures are rising to meet the New Gaia.

Essences of Hue-Beings are further im-Lightend.

Massive ports of call are opened for all.

Scientifics stumble in their sternness.

Pre-Orients guide the Higher Guideds

7 Dec

gaia_energy1Pre-Orients guide the Higher Guideds.

Essence is unveiled to all within the Gaia surface.

Masters unveil the secrets to the hu-beings.

Hue-manity emissions are visible to those with eyes

5 Dec

gaia_energy1Hue-manity emissions are visible to those with eyes.

Elevated energetics climb the instruments.

Fascinations diminish.

Harmonics increase.

Sentients flourish.

Envelopes of Light push the barriers

1 Dec

gaia_energy1Envelopes of Light push the barriers.

Secrets unveiled to all.

Feminine constructs are completed.

Nourishment harbors are unveiled.

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