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Cosmic collectives fully engage the process

28 Apr

Cosmic collectives fully engage the process.

Final steps are prepared.

Grandest of the grand Illuminations brought to bear.

Common High grounds are achieved.

Ruminations are over and the multitudes rejoice

22 Apr

Ruminations are over and the multitudes rejoice.

Concretions are broken as the Light bears.

Formations of Rainbow BEings come to the fore.

Priors are released and healed.

Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely

17 Apr

Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely.

Planetary surface is illuminated.

Escape pods are disabled, as humanity accepts.

Fortunes are returned.

Nova creations begin.

Elements of the Masters ingrain in all

12 Apr

Elements of the Masters ingrain in all.

Thoughts are abandoned as Higher Mind is embraced.

Clevers continue the deconstructions.

Highers are finishing the job.

Heavenlies shower the grey regions

4 Apr

Heavenlies shower the grey regions.

Variants of the dark are collected and Illuminated fully.

Canada guardians are unveiled.

Nether regions are no more.

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