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Cosmic Delineations are made apparent

22 Oct

Cosmic Delineations are made apparent.

Alignments with Higher Beings accelerates.

Sparseness is released.

Abundance in all forms is recognized.

Humanity wins.

Swimmers of Light are released

29 Sep

Swimmers of Light are released.

Multicoloreds show the way.

Awakenings of the Gaia Keepers expand.

Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One

22 Sep

Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One.

Gaia rests in the comfort of her caretakers.

Avians fly toward the East.

Harmonics rise.

Tiffany blues coalesce humanity

16 Sep

Tiffany blues coalesce humanity.

Far-sighteds view the outcomes.

Ascenders climb together.

Healings of all hu-beings begins in earnest

11 Sep

Healings of all hu-beings begins in earnest.

Release from the constrictions of 3D bodies begins.

Planetary freedom is sensed by all.

The Light is at home.

Premium ideas are recognized by humanity

7 Sep

Premium ideas are recognized by humanity.

Stellar contacts promote themselves.

Highest alignments are encouraged.

Freedom comes.

Pessimistics dissolve

29 Aug

Pessimistics dissolve.

Higher Energies come in to the midst.

Petrifications are crumbled.

Awakenings accelerate.

Formations of the Heavens form

23 Aug

Formations of the Heavens form.

Energetic accelerants have been precisely placed.

Parities are removed.

Stabilizations follow.

Particulars addressed, the grand pictures are unveiled

17 Aug

Particulars addressed, the grand pictures are unveiled.

Steel replaced with bamboo.

Marcents complete their missions.

Rest is recommended.

Danners form the wall out front

17 Jul

Danners form the wall out front.

Guardians of the masses engage the dissolvers.

Masks of hardness are removed.

Fortunes are breathed in the first.

Preparations for extenders are energized with Light

11 Jul

Preparations for extenders are energized with Light.

Solar gains transpire.

Heavens of Galactic connections are seen.

Hula of the Stars is telling the stories

6 Jul

Hula of the Stars is telling the stories.

Spirals of Ascension are embraced.

Uplifts come.

Partners are revealed.

Stratospheres collect their pilots.

Startling nights lead to the daybreak within

1 Jul

Startling nights lead to the daybreak within.

Sedentaries are awakened in fullness.

Gaia rejoices with Heart-pink Life.

Scurrilous natures are released.

Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy

16 Jun

Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy.

Progress accelerates.

Ascension comes with the processes of Light.

Removal of the dark conveyors completes.

Foreseeable adventures are released

13 Jun

Foreseeable adventures are released.

Expectancies of the moment are embraced.

Sciences within are up-leveled.

Harmony enters.

Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked

6 Jun

Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

Gaia Portals open fully with the Marches of Time.

Stores of Illumination open.

Spores of Illumination enter.

Heavens are viewed within.

Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity

29 May

Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity.

Fortifications and fortifiers crumble before the Higher Lights.

Flagrant envelopes are passed.

Missions are accomplished.

Belenger items are revealed to all

24 May

Belenger items are revealed to all.

Harbingers of Higher Realms are seen.

Martins delight.

Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks

19 May

Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks.

Castles open.

Darkness to Light.

Blindness to sight.

The matrix unveiled.

Freedom channels are recognized

30 Apr

Westward winds are carried on the morning.

Crags are hammered and removed.

Narrows of Light are followed.

Freedom channels are recognized.

Harmonious outcomes arise from the chaotics

23 Apr

Harmonious outcomes arise from the chaotics.

Evolutions are reasoned.

Standards of the past are released.

Flights of Hue-manity are realized.

Deserets are encompassed

20 Apr

Deserets are encompassed.

Florets are embraced.

Light touches are enabled.

The Children of Light are rescued.

Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads

14 Apr

Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads.

Dissolutions create their vortices.

Navigators with skills enroute their vessels.

Fortunates are boarded upon the ships.

DeLightfuls come.

Sentients embrace the multi-level operations

4 Apr

Sentients embrace the multi-level operations.

Starseeds commence the Higher Works.

Flowers of Planetary abundance begin their blossoms.

Foundations of the New Gaia are built.

Formidables are no more

1 Apr

Formidables are no more.

Heaven sent messages are received in Joy.

Surrender to the old and reception of the New occurs in simultaneity.

Florescents are sown.

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