Alabaster columns of Light support the New Inner Gaia

24 Oct

gaia_energy1Alabaster columns of Light support the New Inner Gaia.

Cordons of elementals stand with those aligned.

Selectives are empowered.

Harmonics are embraced.

Forces of Higher Life prevail.

Elders and millennials congregate

20 Oct

gaia_energy1Elders and millennials congregate.

Fathoms are spanned.

Higher Schools are achieved.

Entrance exams are passed.

The next university has opened.

Tressels of passions are embraced in full

17 Oct

gaia_energy1Tressels of passions are embraced in full.

Harmonics are gathered.

Luminaries encircle the Light gatherings.

Essence is understood.

Presence of Higher Cosmics is elevated to hu-consciousness

14 Oct

gaia_energy1Presence of Higher Cosmics is elevated to hu-consciousness.

Rainiers of recognition backdrop the memories.

Cleavage of the abandoned comes.

Necessities are seen for what they are not.

Valuations upgrade.

Freeing vibrations seed the new GaiaPortals

10 Oct

gaia_energy1Freeing vibrations seed the new GaiaPortals.

Fairwinds are sensed by all hu-beings.

Farms of Light are planted.

Elements of Love are activated.

Momentaries present and are accepted

7 Oct

gaia_energy1Momentaries present and are accepted.

Standards of Higher Light are accepted with grace.

Formittances of papers are cleared.

Ultra-Lights carry Hue-manity upward.

Solar becomes Soul-ar.

Particles of Essence imbue each hu-being

5 Oct

gaia_energy1Particles of Essence imbue each hu-being.

Denials are eliminated.

Fans of masteries are sensed.

Prescient actives are embraced.

Tenders enter the unscripted pages

2 Oct

gaia_energy1Tenders enter the unscripted pages.

Lenterics come to show at all events.

Stellar principles are followed.

Absolutes are monitored and elected.

Fellowships return.

Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed

28 Sep

gaia_energy1Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed.

Night missions are completed.

Messianics are released.

Fluorescents ignite the show.

Partisans are completed as unifieds arise

25 Sep

gaia_energy1Partisans are completed as unifieds arise.

Star seeds come to the fore.

Elements of Higher Light illuminate the hu-being.

Marchers arise.

Select munitions of Light come into play

20 Sep

gaia_energy1Select munitions of Light come into play.

Hue-manity Enterprises illuminate trajectories.

Essence is felt strongly in all hu-beings.

Forbearance is perceived, and abandoned.

Stratospherics are transcended as Galactic Intervention accelerates

17 Sep

gaia_energy1Stratospherics are transcended as Galactic Intervention accelerates.

Fealties are brought to bear.

Encampments are abandoned.

Movements en masse predominate.

Lives are recovered and embraced.

Harmonics are embodied and Real-ized

14 Sep

gaia_energy1Harmonics are embodied and Real-ized.

Flashes of illumination become the norm.

Fellowships of Harmony blossom.

Inner Peace is embodied.

Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse

11 Sep

gaia_energy1Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.

Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin

8 Sep

gaia_energy1Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin.

Gaia gateways are now primed.

Fantasies are cleared.

Portals of activation expand at once.

Senegal treatments alleviate the morning chill

5 Sep

gaia_energy1Senegal treatments alleviate the morning chill.

Desperation measures fade.

Straightened pathways present.

Star Families gather.

Aspirational menses surface

3 Sep

gaia_energy1Aspirational menses surface.

Reliables are uploaded.

Tallification of Energetics begins.

Streams are cleared.

Meadows of Peace are Sown

31 Aug

gaia_energy1Startled are they who view upon the Nova Gaia.

Surprises of Higher Consciousness are observed in all hu-beings.

Stellar connections are viewed and grasped.

Meadows of Peace are sown.

Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light

28 Aug

gaia_energy1Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light.

Vibrational similarities are praised.

Sevens are contacted, as Galactics send their craft.

Andalusian Spirits calm the day.

Princes gather where Princesses abide

25 Aug

gaia_energy1Princes gather where Princesses abide.

Balance is achieved with those of the Royal Light.

Masters of perception embrace the present.

Distal settings are uploaded.

Elementals vibrate with the Hue-man character

22 Aug

gaia_energy1Elementals vibrate with the Hue-man character.

Sensations of Higher Testimonials are felt.

Nonabiders are released.

Floridal scents are connected.

The price is paid.

Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed

20 Aug

gaia_energy1Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed.

Steadfastness of the Higher Light dissolve all blocks.

Mortifications are annulled.

Uplevellings are embraced.

Necessities are only of the Light.

Bliss lights are followed, then abandoned

17 Aug

gaia_energy1Bliss lights are followed, then abandoned.

Classifieds of Light are apocalypsed.

Night trains empty.

Masters arise.

Entreaties of the Cosmics create harmonics for hu-manity rising

15 Aug

gaia_energy1Entreaties of the Cosmics create harmonics for hu-manity rising.

Steps of collectives are viewed and climbed.

Steerage empties.

Heavenlys blossom.

Paradigms of assistance come forth

12 Aug

gaia_energy1Storms of transformation create the movements in Energetic Gaia space.

Selectives are monitored as Gaia arises.

Fortunes of Peace are collected.

Paradigms of assistance come forth.

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