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Cracks in Gaia 3D Grid Healed… Master 5D Grid Points Enabled…

27 May

Cracks in Gaia 3D Grid Healed… New 5D Master Grid Points Enabled…

This is offered in “out of time domain” mode. Dis-harmonies (cracks) were corrected as of 44 minutes from time of this posting. All 3D manifestation grids healed.

The 5D Master grid points for the so-named “Golden Age” have been enabled.

Manifestation into 3D of “Golden Age” concepts proceeds rapidly from this point, with “6 to the 6” fold acceleration during the period of 6 days prior and 6 days after the center of the 6-6-12 portal (12 day period; midpoint of 5-31 through midpoint of 6-12).

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