The “GO” Signal Has Been Given

30 May

“Manifestation into 3D of “Golden Age” concepts proceeds rapidly from this point [5-27-12], with “6 to the 6″ fold acceleration during the period of 6 days prior and 6 days after the center of the 6-6-12 portal (12 day period; midpoint of 5-31 through midpoint of 6-12).” from this prior message

All energetic constructs have been completed for advancement into the next phase. Thus the “go” signal has been communicated, on all dimensional levels, to proceed.

The “6 days prior” to 6-6-12 begins at midday of the 5-31-12, worldwide, local time. Although time is fading as a useful concept, numerologicals such as the 6-6-12, 6-12-12, etc., are helpful in the advancement process.

We say that the alignment of all grids required for the advancement process to begin (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, in particular), took place on the 5-27-12, and have now stabilized enough to support the coming advancement.

We repeat, with emphasis, “The “GO” Signal Has Been Given.”

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